E4 Sting Workshop: Digital Variation


Variation 1

Digital Variation 1


Variation 2

Digital Variation 2


Variation 3

Digital Variation 3


Although I was pretty set on choosing the last version of my illustration, I still wanted to take my previous designs  digital to see what they would look like. I began by outlining my drawing on illustrator, and then gradually adding colour. The colours used are E4’s signature house style. After I completed my general digital version, I then began experimenting with colour. The main difference made was changing the black outline to white. This created a much more slick appearance and better suited for character illustration. I also wanted to see what each one would look like in E4’s alternative colour. Before taking my drawings to illustrator, in my head I could see how I wanted it to look. But when I finally did it, I wasn’t satisfied, this is what encouraged me to experiment until I was happy with an outcome.


Two-Toned Variation

Digital Variation 2 Toned


My favourite variation is the last. I think the illustration is generally better but also compliments my preferred white outline style. I found it interesting to see what the illustration looks like using the two tones of E4’s corporate colour. In a way it has given me an insight as to what it might look in Cinema 4D by having a 3D appearance with shading. As a 2D illustration, one tone looks better, however I am very excited to take this into Cinema 4D and see what I can make out of it. I intend to experiment with type next to accompany the illustration image.