E4 Sting Workshop: Development

Taking the basic thumbnail sketch of my idea, I decided to explore it further and create a couple of mock ups. I liked the idea of having the E4 logo as a character, and just a simple “you’re welcome”; implying E4 knows that they are good and we should thank them. The simplicity of this idea could be very effective if done well. With the 3D character logo I was inspired by an existing E4 advert animation. I wanted to create my own interpretation of the logo and apply it to a poster advertisement created on Cinema 4D. Below shows my development sketches using the rule of thirds composition.




I then took my concept onto graph paper to ensure it was drawn with precision. Using my E4 mood board I created showing the logo in different 3D positions, I free hand drew my refinement and  intend on taking all sketches digital, however this is the one I hope to create on Cinema 4D.