Friday Seminars: 10th & 17th

Every Friday, with tutor Darren Raven we attend small group seminars. These seminars are used to give us the opportunity to ask any questions about the course and any modules.

On Friday the 10th we mainly discussed the main project brief, and if anybody had questions or uncertainty they could use this time effective. At this point, I was fairly comfortable with my intentions for the brief, therefore the seminar wasn’t particularly helpful for me. However, what I like about these seminars is that we can discuss any topics from our course. Darren said that for one session he will go over referencing which I will find helpful for when doing essays. We then briefly talked about our theory side of the course: the essay, poster and contextual record and in preparation for next week, Darren wanted us to think about essay topics and bring in our lecture notes.

Today, 17th, our seminar focused on note-taking. Two useful tips for taking notes our:

  • Be meticulous and accurate
  • Being active rather than passive

This came from Reading University’s website. The tips basically mean to have a clear note taking system paraphrasing rather than coping and be acurate with the information such as URL’s page numbers etc.

Passive note-taking

  • Underlining words
  • Copying slides
  • Trying to write everything you hear

Active note-taking

  • Looking for answers
  • Looking for connections
  • Writing in your own words
  • Recording quotes

In small groups we analysed our own note taking and discussed how we can improve and what makes “good note-taking”.We thought that it was important to share your notes with your peers in case anybody had missed something or not understood. We also said that it when taking notes write why this information is relevant to you, it may lead to ideas. Lastly we thought that note taking needed structure and have to be easy on the eye; colours work well to separate your information or some people may like to doodle, underline and use arrows. Darren provided us with some good examples of note taking providers:

  • Google Docs

Some of these websites shows how note-taking can be done effectively through information Graphics and used the work of Nicholas Felton (Feltron). I really liked the style of his work and intend on taking a better look at some point.

Today’s seminar I found to be more helpful than last weeks as it was more resourceful, but it was also interesting to consider ways to improve my note-taking. I look forward to next week’s seminar which we were told is to be about how designers document their practices.



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