Richard Hamilton

Kalen Holloman reminded me of British artist Richard Hamilton. Hamilton is known for collage and photo-montage and his most particularly famous piece “Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Homes So Different, So appealing?” I knew of the image and general theme- which is why it reminded me of Kalen Holloman’s collage inspired work, however when researching, I learnt more about the collage and realised that it related to Holloman’s work even more so.

The living space of the image is crowded with objects of desire: the TV set, the vacuum cleaner, the tinned ham, the tape recorder, the body builder’s muscles, and the cone-shape coolie hat perched on the housewife on the sofa. Again, this explores the theme of desire and want. Hamilton’s consumer catalogue is well observed and playful. But at a more profound level it is disquieting. At this time, no other work had expressed such mixed feelings about the popular culture.

For many people the collage represents popular culture. However other commenters go as far to say that every connection between Pop and popular culture was a matter of chance- accidental. Pop was spontaneous, and many people used the image as proof, even though it was originally created for a catalogue exhibition titled “This is tomorrow”. From this point I decided to later research into Pop culture and see how it can relate to my project.