Kalen Holloman

I discovered the work of Kalen Holloman accidentally through my daily feed on website “It’s Nice that”. Although the article only showed a few of her gallery images, it instantly caught my attention. I found her work ingenious- the comedy value made them entertaining, yet you knew there was a deeper concept. This reminded me of when choosing my article. At first I thought it was amusing, but then realised the seriousness behind it.


Using cut-outs of figures from ad campaigns, newspapers and vintage magazines, Kalen takes photographs of them against real life scenes, morphing them into strange, pseudo-sexy but also quite unsettling new images. In doing this, she creates an emphasis on the ever-changing relationship between subject and object. Her work explores: commerce, fashion, gender identity and taboo using everyday images.

I admire the thought process and concept behind Holloman’s work, but enjoy that visuals are not obvious to her meaning- leaving it open for interpretation. When I viewed her work for the first time, I thought of materialism, and created this idea of “the inner celebrity”. The concept of how ordinary people seek to better for themselves and improve their lifestyle. I thought this accidentally discovery worked perfectly to support the feedback from my questionnaire.