Kalen Holloman: Experimentation

Finished Exp 3

Inspired by Kalen Holloman, I decided to experiment in this photo-montage style. Using cut outs, Holloman photographs them against real life scenes. Most of her work explores commerce and fashion. I interpreted a theme of materialism due to all the high commercial products used, and created this idea on an “inner celebrity”- everybody always wanting better for themselves, whether it’s through luxury, family or success.

Rather than manipulating people and portraying their “inner celebrity”, I wanted to reverse the process, bringing the outer celebrity into the ordinary- capturing my magazine cut outs in different locations of Huddersfield town centre. I began by attempting to manipulate people, like Holloman, but it proved to be rather difficult. This is because you had to be very precise with your timing, scaling and positioning. Also, I didn’t want the subject to know that I was taking the photo in order for it to look natural.

I thought of reversing the process due to a lecture talk with tutor Darren Raven and established that this worked better for me. Some of my experimentation was done digitally, and some captured physically, however, I still took the physical photographs digital- manipulating the image in hope that it would make it seem more realistic, but also bringing that comedy value in which Holloman does so well.

It was rather difficult to physically capture the images as you had to be precise with timing, scaling and positioning. I like the use of physical and digital aspects in my work as it plays with your eyes and allows the image to seem realistic. I’m glad my cut outs, don’t look like internet images. It allows this style of montage to be more humorous and playful. I’m pleased with what I have created. I had a few bumps along the way but eventually found my take on this style, but most importantly, I had fun with it.

Finished Exp 1