How To Create a Portfolio and Get Hired

Sadly, I don’t know myself yet, so sorry to disappoint in case you were looking for some answers.

Portfolio Guide book

Recently I borrowed this book from the library. The book is split up into 6 very large chapters:

  • What is a Portfolio?
  • Making Sense of the Marketplace
  • Research and Cold Calling
  • Creating a Good Portfolio
  • Choosing the Right Portfolio
  • Making Yourself Known in the Marketplace

Each of these chapters include multiple sub-chapters, creating quite a hefty book. Therefore, I am aiming to read a chapter every week (starting next Monday). I also intend to blog the areas that I find most interesting and beneficial. I hope that in doing this, it will prepare me for my third year of industry in Graphic Design as I will have knowledge on what makes a good portfolio and what the clients will be looking for.