Celebrity Culture Survey

Before undertaking research into my themes, I wanted to do some primary research; therefore created a list of questions relating to the themes of the article. There was a total of 10 questions. The first being, “what is your gender?” It resulted in 31 females and only 14 males. This was disappointing as I would have liked a somewhat equal share. The next question I asked was the age. I received a good variety of ages; however the most common range was 18-20.

My feedback told me that more than 2/3 of my audience watch or have watched reality TV. Focusing on this I wanted to find out people’s favourite shows; 29 out of 45 had a favourite. I also wanted to see how many people read magazines, and if it has an effect on celebrity culture. I found out that the majority of young people don’t read magazines regularly, yet still chose a favourite. Creative magazines were most popular and women’s magazines such as “Hello” and “Take a Break” were frequent. My 8th question taught me that keeping up with current affairs was fairly average as nearly it was almost an equal split. However, my final two questions were the most interesting as they allowed people to share their opinion.

Half of the people that answered question 9 said they idolized nobody; the other half gave a good variety of people, some being celebrities and some well-known in their field. Every single person answered question 10. Apart from a couple of people wanting to be happy and healthy, every other person inspired for something; whether it was luxurious, family orientated or success.


Question 9: Do you idolize anybody, if so, who and why?

“I idolise my mum for being strong for the whole family through times of difficulty”

“I idolize Kim Kardashian, she is a brilliant business woman”


Question 10: In 20 years’ time how do you want your life to be?

“Just to be healthy & happy”

“Career, house, car, family…my own island.”