Personal Development Planning

Recently we had a workshop with tutor Tracy Lannon. This workshop was about personal development planning. Focusing mainly on: Reflection, Recording, Action, Planning, Executing, Evaluating. We began by filling in a sheet of questions about how we can better ourselves.


We were then given advice to make life easier for us at uni. It is important to write an action plan of your intentions, strategies and plan your future aspirations. People who do this are more likely to achieve them. But also to be specific when you are planning, aim high, but be realistic.

Then Linda head of the work placement department came in and spoke to us about our options for 3rd year. One being a year in industry work placement, and two, being a year on the Enterprise program in which you are supported in setting up your own business and essentially are your own boss for the year. Applications for this begin in February. Placements last 48 weeks give or take, but we were told that rather than staying at one work placement for the year it is possible to do a few shorter periods. This would work out better, gaining more experience and also looking good on your CV. I intend to take this approach.

In industry you are only given half of your loan and with a £500 fee. However if you work with a charity or in London are allowed 3/4’s of your loan. With EU funding you can get an extra $400 but this can be late in arrival and would need to prepare to fund yourself. Internationally, you get no extra fund, however you can apply for a travel grant. I like to idea of going abroad for one of my placements. Before leaving, Linda informed us that they are available for drop in sessions every Tuesday and Thursday for any help with information, CV’s, covering letter and online portfolio.  It made me realize that I am no way near ready for placement as I intend on re branding myself and have little work on my online portfolio.