E4 Stings Workshop

Today with our tutor Jay, we were proposed to design a poster promoting the E4 TV channel. This was inspired by the E4 Sting competition and event. We had the freedom to do whatever we thought was best for the design, and began by sketching out thumbnails of possible posters. I collected various examples of the logo to bare in mind when sketching.

E4 Thumbnails

We needed to think about the layout, as well as the theme we would like to portray. This required thinking of a catchy strap-line. Above shows my thought process with the Strap-line and applying it to thumbnail sketched designs.  I liked the first thumbnail and the concept of a F.R.I.E.N.D.S tribute, however, I didn’t want it to be misleading as E4 has nothing to do with the show now, and only fans of the show would understand it. I think each design has potential, however I intend to first develop the second “you’re welcome” thumbnail.  This is because if done well, I think it could be very effective and its simplicity beneficial.

E4 Moodboard

I intend making all features of the design 3D, therefore will take it to Cinema 4D. However, before doing that, I need to develop my sketched design so I have a better understanding of how the final appearance will be. Turning the logo into a character I think will not only look playful but compliment the 3D aspect.