Assessment Brief: A Conversation

After being back at University for a week, today we finally was given our new brief titled “A Conversation”.

In preparation for today’s briefing; on the 24th September we were assigned a micro brief. This micro brief involves us purchasing a newspaper of our choice on that particular day, selecting an article of interest, and then talking about that article with a peer.  The brief seemed simple enough until we was told that the conversation had to be recorded, as well as creating a transcript. This seemed odd for a Graphic Design course.

At this point we were not given the actual brief, therefore had no idea where this was going. I chose an article regarding a woman with 3 breasts. I simply chose this because I thought it was amusing, but after reading became interested in the individual and her need for publicity.  The transcript for the conversation can be found below.

Conversation Transcript

The Micro brief was intended to help us create a topic regarding our official brief which is very much open for interpretation as to what you think responds to “a conversation”. Examples are: a conversation of two people, man and machine, external and political,  and the movement of a physical activity. It can be as straightforward or as broad as you like, as long as you can justify your decisions.  I have general thoughts regarding my article, but am unsure as to whether or not I feel strong enough about them to base my project upon it. I intend to create a vast mind map of ideas exploring each, and research them to develop any promising ideas.