LRG Brief Five: Creative Exploration 4

For my fourth exploration, whilst sitting down after finishing up my collage, I decided to simply admire the view and sketch aspects of Freeport which I feel sums the place up, and therefore acts as a representation.  Doing this I either used the view to help me sketch, or I did it from the top of my head.  For example, at the time I was no way near the entrance of Freeport, therefore sketching it came from the memory of viewing it. Luckily, I got it somewhat similar.

Freeport Representational Sketches

Although simple, I think this exploration was rather effective because it shows aspects of Freeport that my photography didn’t; for example, the amount of seagulls flying around. Plus it is my personal interpretation of what I have taken from the place, and what I feel best represents it.