LRG Brief Five: Creative Exploration 3

I decided that for my third exploration I would do something physical, rather than relying on technology. Therefore, I collected various tourist leaflets from the information desk at Freeport in hope to create a collage. Not only was there leaflets of Freeport, but Fleetwood itself promoting various tourist attractions such as Fleetwood Market, and Fleetwood Museum.

Whilst I were sat down, after lunch I began ripping up images and text from the leaflets for my collage.  I did not want my collage to focus of Freeport, but definitely be included, as this was my choice of place. I wanted the collage to portray a sort of appreciation for Fleetwood, providing information for the other attractions in Fleetwood, like Freeport does.  With all my images ripped up, it just left the task of assembling them together, I did this using a glue stick.  I associated each image with its location on the map, for example the Fleetwood Market leaflet was situated around the location of the Fleetwood Market.

Freeport Leaflet Collage

Although this visual does not exactly represent  my chosen place, it provides an understanding of the kind of place Freeport is and the contribution it has to the Fleetwood community.