LRG Brief Five: Creative Exploration 2

After fully exploring my place, I decided that for my next creative exploration, I would create a map of Freeport, thinking as though the viewer as has never been there.  To do this, whilst moving through the place, I sketched the general layout so I had an idea of what it will look like. Then I analysed the existing map provided on Freeport Leaflets. The map was only small print, but it still helped me create my own.  To create my own, I did so on Illustrator.

Freeport Map

Doing this I realised that there are over 54 shops in Freeport, which I never knew before. I found this quite surprising because it did not seem that there was that many when walking around inside. The actual place was bigger than I thought it would be, and the walk through the numerous shops took you to the scenic dock, where I had lunch outside.