Landscape Research group: Brief Five

I have recently been assigned the final brief for the Landscape Research Project. This brief is a little different to the previous, and I get the impression it is going to be challenging.

Brief name: “Place”

I must take myself to a place in which I would like to explore. The place may be a new city, street, field, forest, room, bus stop etc, therefore can be large or small. However, I must be imaginative in choosing it The brief may involve travel, so the two hours recommended time should only begin when arriving at your “place”.

Once In my place, I must choose five creative ways to explore that place. Each of these 5 ways will form 5 outcomes to the brief. I must imagine as though my audience has never been there. What might I want to show them, and why? As well as representing the place I may use my explorations to study it, and therefore learn something new about it. I think I will struggle choosing the 5 ways to explore my place as they have to be different. I will need to think about what I do so that I can plan my time effectively. The outcomes may be rough and quick, or can take longer, it is up to me how I divide my two hours.

Regarding my chosen place, I have very little idea about one that I want to explore, however I tend to cease opportunity as I am going to Manchester tomorrow. I have been to Manchester before in passing or visiting but I have never explored the city itself. I could choose to represent the city, or choose something more specific. I intend to give it some thought and jot down my ideas before going.