LRG Brief Four: Layout Variations

I knew that I wanted my design to be simplistic and use a list method when informing my creative process; therefore I sketched a design based on this.  By using the numbering, it helps easily show the order of the process. I ensured that each step had room for information explaining more about it, as well as be accompanied by an image illustration to make the design more attractive.

Regarding Illustrations, I am going to use some created from the first Landscape Research Group Brief; any others will be created specifically for this design. In between each step can be minor illustrations to show the problems we face and how we can be distracted, such as panic, laziness and use of Facebook. I hope that including these will allow the design to appear more playful. I am still unsure about use of colour. I will begin by creating the design in black and white, then experiment with what works most effectively.


Layout Variation

After sketching, I decided that I liked the list format as well as the design content, however I did  not necessarily like that exact layout.  Therefore I decided to take the same elements and apply them to different layouts by sketching quick thumbnails, experimenting with alignment and structure. I am glad to have done this because it has given me a better idea of which layouts would be best for the design, and therefore will want to take digitally . But also, by sketching these different layouts, if I am not successful with my first attempt I can digitally experiment with the others.

Layout Thumbnails

My next step is to take my favoured design layout and create it digitally. I may need to experiment and play around with the design until I am satisfied, however it will be heavily based on these sketches.