LRG Brief Four: Ideas

I have my mind set on creating a form of information graphics design to portray my creative process. I found my pinterest information graphics board helpful when researching.

My first idea was to simply create an illustrated mind map on paper. However, I did not think this was ambitious enough. I then began thinking about graphs and how they could be used to portray my creative process. Graphs can look rather dull if not designed creatively, and my only issue would be not knowing  how to take my creative process and apply it to a graph (which are usually statistical) and still show creativity.  If it did not succeed it would be quite contradictory.

When taking to my mum, she had an idea of somehow visualizing a brain, and how different parts of the brain work in my creative process.  I really liked this idea at first, however when I began to think about it more in depth, I think the concept would seem weak. I feel as though I would need to create reasons as to why certain parts of the brain functions aspects of my creative process, for example, eye sight when visualizing, and memory when researching. The more I thought about it, the more I began losing interest in the idea. Also I think it would be rather time consuming designing a brain!

I think I would like my infographic to be simple, but effective. Clean, but playful. However, I am still unsure as to the approach to take.