LRG Brief Four: Final Idea

Using pinterest helped me visualise a range of possible layouts that I could try for my infographic. But I also had to think if each design would logically work with the information I intend on including and therefore be suited for my creative process. However rather than calling it “my” I will call it “the”- meaning that it’s a process that can be, or is, applied to any brief.

I decided that I would like something which looks rather straightforward and  relatively simple so that it can easily be read and understood. Rather than a crowded design. This also compliments my creative process, as I tend to be structurally organised and precise, setting myself a list of things to do. However, everybody always has moments of sheer panic and laziness, therefore I also want to this be apparent in my design, a truthful perception of not only my creative process, but i’m sure many others.

For an infographic design; I think it always looks better when created digitally to give it a professional appearance. Therefore I don’t feel the need to experiment with different medias.  However, I do intend drafting onto paper various design possibilities which can then be refined and finally created digitally.

For my simple, structural design, I am thinking a timeline method could work rather well, to show my creative process in its precise order. A timeline however can sound rather dull and boring and that is not what I want my design to be like. By introducing aspects such as panic and laziness, I hope that it will allow me to be more playful with the design so that it is attractive, but yet works effectively as an information graphic portraying “the creative process”.