LRG: My Creative Process

When given a new brief, I always read it multiple times to make sure I fully understand it.  This is the first part of my creative process.

I think it is important to be open minded with a new brief and think about all the possibilities that can be taken rather than restricting yourself. However, in the past I have found this to be overwhelming, therefore always find it helpful to just jot down, or mind map my initial ideas so that once they are written, I can dismiss them, and it clears my head.

Research is key in Graphic Design. With a new brief, it is important to look for inspiration and research what interests you and what you think could work well for the brief. Personally, I like to look for inspiration on websites such as Designspiration, Pinterest, Itsnicethat, and of course WordPress. When researching, you can develop your ideas and establish the approach for your brief.

I believe that with Graphic Design, concept is key.  I always find establishing the concept more challenging than actually creating the outcome. I tend to do vast amounts of research to develop my ideas before settling on a concept.  With the concept chosen, It makes the task easier, however, I then explore different aspects of that concept using experimentation.I experiment with aspects such as media, materials and techniques which will have been discovered in the research process. By experimenting, you try out different outcomes until you find the one that works most effectively, and then with that, refine your work until you get the finished result.

I always think it is wise to reflect on your work when you are finished; ensuring that you are happy with it, and that it meets the specifications of the brief. It can also be of some importance to ask peers what they think of your work. However, from experience, I tend to do this throughout the project so that when it comes to the  finished result, I am not drawn to make changes due to negativity and end up feeling unsatisfied.