Landscape Research Group: Brief Four

Recently I was assigned the fourth brief in the Landscape Research Group project. This brief is split into two parts:

Part One

Think and write about the elements that I feel are important or present during my creative graphic design process, from brief to solution. I must think about the process overall- generally what happens, and if this process can be applied to any brief.

Part Two

Design a visual map of my creative process, considering how each element is portrayed and how scale, colour and texture may be applied connecting with the representation. I can create my map in any way, either by hand, or digitally but must remember that the design of my map is a key focus as this has been lesser on previous briefs.

When I first read the brief, I thought the use of “map” meant to create something like a mind map. However a map is simply a diagram or plan- a visual that explains my notes, and I have the freedom to create it in any way. I may choose an information graphics design approach. However as I do not yet know my process, I am not entirely sure what my outcome should be.  I intend to think of my process, and blog my thoughts. Whether they will be used in the final design I am not sure. Therefore I will need to think about the structure of my design- how I want it to look, and what do I want it to say. To get an idea of my outcome, I intend to research information graphics, as I feel this will be the most effective approach.