The Berrado Collection Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

I recently went on a city break to Lisbon, Portugal.  Whilst I was there I visited the Berrado Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. I like to think of myself as a creative, and enjoy exploring different arts- not just Graphic Design which I study at university.

Before going to Lisbon, I researched into art museums, and the Berrado collection was the one that caught my eye. This is because it is a combination of contemporary art- which interests me, but also modern art, which I have a new found appreciation for since studying at university.

The museum had three collections: Photography, Modern Art and Contemporary Art.  I did not recognise any of the photography, and got the impression the photographers were more local rather than well known.  I was not blown away with the photography, but nevertheless enjoyed viewing it. With photography I am self taught, and my interest began at the same time Graphic Design did. I use photography frequently with design projects, but also I using it when travelling. This tends to be the photography that also attracts me.

Berrado Museum

The Contemporary collection I found very interesting. I enjoy viewing contemporary art because it is always rather experimental and the artists are free to do and create what they want. I like how with contemporary art, it isn’t always a painting in a frame; there are such a range of different medias and materials which are explored and definitely exhibited in the museum. There was a large collection, and a truly enjoying exploring each one.

My only wish for the exhibit was that each art piece had a little description about it.  I like knowing how something is created, or the influences the artists had. Just a little information about the piece and the artist I would have found beneficial. But that is just my opinion. Many people like to create their own interpretation. There were staff members around the collection to ask questions, however unfortunately not all spoke the best English, so I couldn’t get a full explanation.

The Modern collection was by far my favourite, which is quite surprising because before University I probably would have found it the most boring. The Modern Collection had absolute classic examples of modern art, by works of: Picasso, Duchamp, Schwitters and Lissitzky. I loved this collection because there was so much work that I recognised and from studying it at university it was amazing to see the art work in person. I also loved the collection because it introduced me to other artists and types of modern art by showing terrific examples in the museum. With these new found types of modern art artists and can contribute influence from them into future projects at university.

If you ever find yourself in Lisbon and you appreciate art, I recommend the Berrado Museum. It is located in Belem which is about a 25 minute bus ride from the city center. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the museum, and even better I got in for a free because I’m a student!