My week in Lisbon, Portugal…

Recently My parents and I went on a city break  to Lisbon, capital of Portugal. As oppose to the traditional sunbathing holidays my family have been on, Lisbon brought new experiences and sights, in the heart of the city.  Our time there was enjoyable to say the least, and although we have been to many other cities, such as: Paris, New York, Barcelona, London etc; I found Lisbon to be completely unique. I can see elements from other cities, but it is a place I have never been before.

From going to the Algarve in Portugal 2011, Lisbon is quite a refreshing change on my view of Portugal. Rather than using an agent, we did everything ourselves, including  transport, food- truly submerging ourselves into Lisbon culture and opening our horizon to new experiences. We explored the entire of Lisbon, including Barrio Alto( for late night drinks), Alfama (which is the oldest part of the city), and Belem (for amazing sightseeing).

I discovered that Lisbon is also an amazing place for photography. I took over 500 photos for my 5 days there! Just couldn’t put my camera down. Below shows a collection of my photography in Lisbon. Please do not copy or share any of my photography without  my consent.

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I fully documented my time in Lisbon writing in a  journal, with details of everything we did, including the places we ate and drank. I am passionate about travel and enjoy sharing my photography, which is the main reason for this blog post. However, if you have any specific questions regarding Lisbon, advice, or recommendations if you’re planning on visiting, please comment and I will be happy to reply.