Landscape Research Group: Brief Three

Today I was assigned my third brief for the Landscape Research Group Project. I should aim to spend a maximum of two hours on this brief, and it is entirely research based.

Brief title: “Beyond the Internet”

I must explore the word “form” without using the internet and document my research process along with my findings. I will therefore use my blog to do this, however I must blog my findings after I have completed the research, so that I do not use the internet during.

As it won’t require a final piece, I intend to begin my research tomorrow starting with a dictionary and thesaurus definition. I will then visit the library and see if I can find anything of interest. I think I will struggle with this brief because the word “form” is so general and has so many uses that finding information in books is going to be quite difficult to do. When researching “non-linear” due to its vague and general use, it was difficult to research it, and that was using the internet! So, I’m not sure how this one will go.  But what I will try not to do is get bogged down with it. I will use anything I found interesting when attempting my research.