LRG: Final Image

Final Image

This is my final image for the Landscape Research Group Brief Two. It represents my interpretation of “Non-Linear”. It is a photograph taken on Blackpool Promenade and is 100% unedited or manipulated except from minor cropping. This is because I wanted the image to be raw and captured rather than created- which is why I took the photography approach.

By changing the shutter speed, it allowed me to capture the light and leave its chaotic trails.  However, I was very controlled when capturing the image. I purposefully moved my camera in a figure of 8 and did do very slowly so that it picked up the of light whilst the photograph was taking, and did so without overexposing.

I chose this as my image because I think it reflects well on the different definitions of “Non-Linear”. The image includes no use of straight lines, but other than that, it is influenced by the mathematical, scientific and narrative definitions by portraying a complex and chaotic appearance; and much like the research- overwhelming.