LRG: Final Idea

After Researching what Non-Linear is; I have decided that I am not going to attempt portraying all types of definitions; but, be influenced by these definitions.

As I want to represent non-linear, I am obviously going to use  no form of straight lines.  In doing this I want my image to be raw and unedited so that rather than being created, it will be simply captured. Therefore I began thinking about photography and how I could use this to visualise my perspective of Non-linear. As I recently came back from holiday, I hoped I could use my photography from Portugal. I took many photos of buildings, and hoped that I could focus on architecture and portray non-linear through that.  However I thought the concept and visual would be too weak.

When researching, I look to be inspired so that I can create something with intent that supports my research. However, when researching non-linear, I unfortunately found no inspiration. There was no creativity that came with the research, what I found was mainly mathematical or scientific (which I don’t find enjoyable). However, when researching Non-linear Narrative, I liked the idea of something without order or structure- almost chaotic, and I decided I wanted this to be apparent in my image. Although I would like my image to be chaotic, I also want it to look visually interesting and appealing.

In college, I remember researching  a photographer called Alan Jaras. Jaras captures light trails, which can be quite difficult to do, but his process is so well practiced that he manages to create inspiring photography. I attempted light photography in college; some photos were more successful than others.

Alan Jaras

My photos were rather chaotic, and in no way executed beautifully like Jaras’. Therefore I decided that I will use light photography again to try capture something that does look chaotic, yet more controlled. The various definitions of Non-linear were all associated with complexity. Therefore I hope my final image will also portray this, and show influence from different aspects of my research.