LRG Brief two: Ideas

With the multiple definitions of “Non-Linear” it is hard to establish what I could portray in my visual. From researching I know the general meaning of non-linear, but also realised that it is commonly associated with mathematics and science. I would find it difficult to visualise non-linear from these perspectives as I my knowledge of maths and science is very average, and I would not know how to link it with a visual.

One idea I had, linking with Science, is the non-linear paths caused by gravity and force.  For example, if you throw a ball, force brings it up, and gravity brings it down. However, depending on the mass of the thrown object, a non linear path is created, from the object rising up and falling down, creating a perfect example of a non linear path.  Although I think this idea is interesting, I am unsure how I could visually create it.

Thinking about non use of lines. I had the idea of creating an image consisting of multiple circles, this would be using an example of “non-linear”. The use of the small circles would create a whole image.  However, I am unsure about what that image would be. I also had the idea of using non-linear type, such as Arabic and simply writing the word “non-linear”.  However, by doing something like this, it could make the representation misleading.

There is also such thing as a nonlinear narrative, which means something not going in order and without structure.  For example, a nonlinear film would be a film that jumps to different times and settings, whereas a linear film would be one with structure that has to be seen in an order. Due to non linear being seen as without order or structure, it could be represented as chaotic. I like the idea of incorporating this into my image, so that not everything needs meaning.