Landscape Research Group: Brief Two

With brief one completed, I have recently been sent brief two. Being on holiday means I have had a late start to this brief, and require completing by Tuesday.

Brief Name: Non-Linear

There are three parts to this brief

Part 1:

To write down what I think Non-Linear is (without researching)

Part 2: 

Now Research Non-Linear, documenting my research and development.

Part 3: 

In light of my research, create a visual representation of what I think “Non-Linear” may look like.

Off the top of my head, I know that “Linear” means use of straight lines; therefore I assume non-linear would be without.  I intend to research in depth what non-linear is so that I  can generate ideas for creating its visual representation. Like the first brief, I will export my image as a pdf to be easily sent. As always, I will blog my research and development for this project along with my final image.