LRG Brief One: Ideas

As the brief is relatively straightforward, I would like my images to be the same.

I could choose a obvious approach and simply photograph each subject- or even take this further and create a collage of each. I could also use photography to crop into each subject so it isn’t as obvious and you are left with layers and textures of the subject.  However, this could be misleading with subjects such as conversation, speed or noise as I would have to photograph objects that link with these subjects. Such as a radio for noise.

I would like my work for the first brief to be rather simple and build my way up on the following briefs.  Rather than using photography, I like the idea of creating simple black and white illustrations.  These illustrations could act as a symbol, or icon to represent each subject. I have researched Iconography before, however took inspiration from my research creating something very different.

The Noun Project  is a website that allows users to create and upload icons and symbols for various things.

If I was to create illustrations for this brief, I think this simplistic approach would be the way to go.