Cabinet Of Curiosity: Final Piece


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Above shows my final piece for our Cabinet of Curiosity project.  The project required creating a “cabinet of curiosity” whether physical or virtual.  I wanted to create something physical. Our cabinet was supposed to be personal to us, however have a greater meaning.  A good example for this project is Joseph Cornell who worked frequently within boxes.  Creating something in a box is what a lot of people have done for this project, and simply put in items of memorabilia to cause curiosity.  However I wanted mine to be a little different.

My cabinet of curiosity represents the past and unknown future.  In my life I have greatly been inspired by travel and want to pursue travel when I am older and financially stable.  The bottom half of my cabinet is a collage using all items, ephemeral papers and memorabilia from the places I have been whilst travelling. In addition to this the old suitcase cabinet itself works well with the travel theme.

However, within the box represents the future; the boxes are very much empty because the future is unknown, but the attached strings to the map represent how there are so many possibilities in a life time and you never know where you will be, what you achieve or what kind of person you are going to become.  As I want my future to involve travel, I did this on the map; when it came to pinning the strings on the map I used Kenneth Martins chance and order procedure in which numbers are picked randomly and placed on a grid (intersection points of the map).

A few people have asked me why I chose to use a black and white map rather than colour; and the answer is because not only do the coloured string look better on the black and white map, but, it also symbolises how the world and your life  is dull and black and white unless you embrace the possibilities of life, adding colour to your own.

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Overall, I am very pleased with my final piece; it looks just how I envisioned.  Not only am I happy with the general appearance, but I am happy with how it fits the brief.  This obstruct visual , in my opinion looks intriguing and “curious”, but it is also personal, conceptually and physically, using old memorabilia from my previous travel. Choosing an old suitcase I thought would be perhaps too obvious as to my theme, but, what I like about it is that, when closed it looks completely normal, but when opened it looks interesting and very different-  the unknown and unexpected.

The Cabinet of Curiosity project was only short, but the development I have shown has led to this final piece which acts as a combination of all my experimentation and variation, creating a conceptual and physical in depth final piece.