Magazines: Contemporary, Modern, and Postmodern

This day and age, design tends to be a mixture or combination of Modernism and Postmodernism, not just one or the other.  When looking at contemporary magazines I noticed that although each magazine is different, there is a consistent structure and sensibility, in that a magazine always has a masthead and they are always positioned and used similarly.  Magazine covers nearly always tend to have a person on the front, whether celebrity or not.  Although there is this consistent steady magazine structure- which could be seen to be modernist, contemporary magazines content are far more brave, bold,  experimental and controversial, which is more postmodern.  Also contemporary magazines can combine may different designers and styles within one magazine which is also a very post modern idea.

Modern Magazines


Postmodern Magazines


Contemporary Magazines

I decided that it was important to look at examples of Modern and Postmodern magazines and how they can be influenced in contemporary life.  A lot of postmodern ideas can come from Modernism, and it is the same today, we can always find inspiration from somewhere else and make it our own.  I think my magazine outcome will neither be “Modern” or “Postmodern”, I am influenced by both eras and I want that to portrayed in my magazine.