Magazine Masthead: Tone and Colour Variation

I am fairly certain that I want to use the last of my digital masthead illustrations.  I like this masthead because it is very simple, easy to use and manipulate, but, I also like the way in which the letters work together- it is a subtle and a different way of representing NVL (New Visual Language).


When you look at the masthead it isn’t obvious that it uses and shows these three letters, therefore when it comes to creating my magazine cover I will also include type to title the magazine and ensure people know what it is called.

As a way of making the masthead more readable in terms of the NVL letters, I decided to experiment with tones and colour.

Masthead tone variation

I decided that I will keep the “V” and “L” the same colour as oppose to the “N”.  This is because I have decided to emphasis the N, because it means NEW;  new is exciting, fresh, and more responsive, therefore by making it bigger than the other two letters as well as a different shade or colour, it helps to emphasise.  This method is then shown below using colour.

Masthead Colour Variation


I was originally going to only experiment in the primary colours but I was intrigued as to how it would look in others. Below shows my colours then experimented in different tones, still applying the same two to one method.

Masthead Colour and Tone Variation

With colour, it is all about preference and what works well with one another, there isn’t one simply better than the other. For me I have always like the use of red, blue and green; however I do not yet know whether or not these colours will be suitable and reflect well on my magazine, therefore I haven’t decided on one. But I am glad to have done this because it is interesting to see how the masthead looks. But also, it was very easy to experiment with in colour and tone, which means my masthead is generally well versatile.