Magazine Masthead: Digital Variation

Taking my masthead sketches I chose the ones with most potential and created them digitally, this was done on Illustrator. I decided that I wanted to use the font Helvetica for my masthead, the font itself is quite modernist; and my reasons for choosing it are for the same reason of modernists- it is simplistic yet effective, versatile, easy to use and “flawless”.  By working on Illustrator it allowed me to use Helvetica as my font, but tweak areas according to my specifications.  However I did not want to repeat the exact same Helvetica font style, therefore I used different styles within the Helvetica family, such as:

Light Oblique
Black Condensed
Black Condensed Oblique
Black Italic
Black Oblique
Black Roman
Bold Condensed
Bold Condensed Oblique
Bold Italic
Bold Oblique
Bold Roman

For my magazine I am thinking about doing the entire type in Helvetica font, however by distributing the weight and styles according to how its used, I can show typical magazine principles- such as the boldness of a header, or the italics of a quote; but do so in a way that uses the same font – “same same but different”.

Below shows my digital Masthead Variations.  Currently I favour the last of the mastheads and plan to take it a step further experimenting with colour so that the “NVL” (New Visual Language) letters are more obvious, but also to see if it looks generally better.

Masthead Digital Variations

By adding colour to my masthead, my only worry is that I don’t have an intended house style for my magazine, so any colour that looks good for the masthead may not be appropriate for the magazine content. Then again, I don’t necessarily need to have a house style throughout my magazine, there are other ways of keeping consistency.