New Visual Language: Masthead Designs

Before jumping straight into designing the magazine, I wanted to start off small and think about the masthead in which will be included on the cover.  Therefore I drew some basic designs of how it could be once made digitally.  I am unsure as to what font I yet want to use, that will be something I look into when digitally creating my masthead.

I know that I want my masthead to be easy on the eye, attractive and rememberable- all things a good logo should be. However I am not yet sure exactly how I want it to be, therefore below shows my designs- my general ideas of how a masthead could be presented.  My next step is to take the stronger designs and create them digitally and experiment until I have chosen a final. So far, I think I am leaning towards a masthead that uses only the 3 letters “N V L” rather than the full words.  I would like it to be simplistic and versatile but visually interesting.

Masthead Designs