Iconographic Storytelling: My Three Stories

In our Iconographic storytelling workshop, the intention was to create our own icons, this could be drawn or reused images in which represent aspects of contemporary society- using them to tell a story of our own, but in some way reflect and convey a modern narrative.  This could have been humorous, political, playful or satirical.

Firstly, in the workshop we created a short story using the found item stamps provided

Stamps Icon Story

Using this basic structure of a story, I wanted to recreate it but with a modern twist.  To help me do this I created a list of contemporary buzzwords associating modern themes and representations of society.  If I could I wanted to try include some of theme words.


List of modern words added to our vocabulary and dictionary

  • Selfie (Self taken photo)
  • YOLO (You only live once)
  • Swag (movement/attitude)
  • Hashtag (#)
  • Whatevs (Whatever)
  • Totes (Totally)
  • Hater (Disliking to a person)
  • Chillax (Chill + Relax)
  • OMG (Oh my god)
  • Onesie (Pyjama Clothing)
  • Jeggings (Jeans + Leggings)


My Iconographic Story’s

I decided that I will not only do one recreation of the basic story but 3, all similar but from different perspectives. My short iconographic stories are shown below along with a translation.

Story 1

In a council estate there was a old couple and their young grandchildren.  The schoolgirl went to the park to chillax with her cool friends instead of going to school. You only live once.

Story 2

In a city, there was a mum, her girlfriend and their teenage children.  The girl went into town to buy some jeggings but before that she took a selfie. Swag.

Story 3

In a villa there was a rich engaged couple and their adopted children and soon to be baby.  The girl went to the theatre for her violin lesson until she saw the perfect shoes and handbag. Oh my god.

These iconographic stories were created on my phone in a text message using the provided emotion pictures. Each story represent a different class of person.  The first being lower class, the second, middle class, and the third upper class.  Although the stories are structured similarly, they are different in content according to the class of their culture. I did this because I wanted to represent how everybody is effected by society and influenced by this modern culture.  We constantly adapt to new ways of living, no matter who you are and from what class you are living. This is also the reason I created these on my phone, no matter what background you are from nearly everyone has a phone, changing the way in which we communicate.  It’s 2014 people, everyone is changing and adapting- including yourself.