Earth Artifact: O.N.L.Y H.U.M.A.N Final Pieces

Below are my final pieces for my Earth Artifact project.  These are individual  illustrations that combine the experimentation and development throughout my project along with my own created type from our typography workshop.  Each visual is symbolic and representational, answering the question “what does it mean to be human?” from different individuals. This was done in the method of a questionnaire, selecting certain individuals  responses with the intention to visually represent in each illustration visual, that when put together, reads “ONLY HUMAN”.

Going back to the brief, the Earth Artifact project was inspired by the Voyager Golden Records, in which scientists hoped that they would communicate with E.T life form, or future human life form by sending a set of phonograph records with the purpose to portray diversity, culture and what we know about humans and our Earth. My interpretation of this project was not to contact other life form, but more so a way of portraying Earth from our own perspective- as if somebody was to see it with fresh eyes. For more information about the brief click here. I wanted to think less about the physical Earth and more about the people on it- humans, who make Earth what it is. I also knew that I wanted my final pieces to be visually effective and was particularly inspired by Information graphics and semiotics- especially as I wanted my work to have a message, meaning or representation behind them.  However I did not want this representation to be obvious like information Graphics. I wanted it to be visually appealing, but subtle so you can create your own interpretation, but once you know where it has come from and what it means, it makes perfect sense and you can see why things have been included with the final pieces and the way in which they have been used.



My final pieces are a collaboration of long developed, and in depth work, in which are visually interesting and effective. Yet,  they have a well thought out symbolic representation of what it means to be human, from a range of diverse individuals. Not only does this generate from my interpretation of the project, but it could still be used as visuals for “sending into space” as it portrays Earth and the human species from humans beings themselves.