3000 Word Essay Feedback

Recently I got my feedback from my formative 3000 word essay “contextualise and critique a 21st century designer of our choice”.  Generally my feedback wasn’t too bad. My grade wasn’t the best- just below average, but the feedback was generally positive. However, a low grade does not matter at this point in time as it was only the formative graded which contained an abstract, structure and introduction, rather than the full essay.

In my feedback, I was told that my choice of practitioner “Sagmeister and Walsh” was a good and interesting choice to look upon. However it may be challenging to support my arguments with an original opinion.  This is because Sagmeister is very popular in the design world.  Therefore by focussing on “Sagmeister and Walsh” work- it keeps the essay contemporary and I should be able to generate my own personal response.

I was told that my structure was very clear, along with my thesis, and I have shown an attempt to develop a cohesive argument.  However, I need to think more about my methodology- critique.  Who will I cite, and what opinion will I draw upon? Basically I needed to think more about the stance of my argument and what I hope to get out of my critique from my chosen perspective.

At first I was a little unsure about what was meant by the “stance of the argument”, I thought for a critique I would simply need to select a body of my chosen designers work and write my opinion on it, however that is too broad.  I need to make the perspective of my critique more specific and justify my reasons for my opinions.  Therefore I will adjust my introduction so that it clearly outlines the criteria I strive to achieve in my essay.

Firstly I need to decide on what criteria to take! I was given examples such as, if you were a feminist, you could write how a body of work effected you from a feminist perspective and what other feminists may think about this in comparison to other people.  Also I could focus on a certain aspect of Sagmesiter’s work, such as the happiness project, and therefore critique work on whether or not it makes myself and other people happy.

Advice given, was to broaden my research- look at books and articles rather than the internet to find my stance on critique within the essay.  I was particularly recommended to look at Rick Poyner’s “No More Rules” book which includes various designers opinions as well as his own.  This could strongly help with my essay, therefore I intend to hire it out of the library as soon as possible.