What’s Important to me as a Creative and Designer?

Before my deadline in May I must create my own manifesto.  For this I have done quite a lot of research, not only looking at existing Art manifestos, but different outputs. However, research aside, I thought it would be beneficial to simply write down on piece of paper the things that popped into my head when I asked myself  “what’s important to me as a creative and designer?” The point of a manifesto really is for it to be personal, and have the freedom to write or say what you think about a chosen subject.

Below shows the list that I made in answering the above question.

  • To have a multitude of skills
  • To be willing to try something new
  • To be daring and different
  • Not to label yourself as just one thing- there is much more to you
  • To critique, but not to judge
  • Everyone has the freedom to express themselves
  • Not to feel the need to shock or put yourself at danger.  A good artist or design should be noticed without extreme methods.
  • To find inspiration everywhere you go
  • You don’t need to be a creative to be inspired
  • You can be inspired by more than other creatives
  • Not to be closed minded- there isn’t one only way of doing something
  • Don’t rely solely on computers
  • To experience life and capture it through visuals
  • To be ambitious- have goals and achieve them
  • Not to obsessive with money as a Graphic Designer.  Yes, money is nice and we’d all like more, but you should be a designer for more important reasons.
  • To have a keen eye for how things look
  • To be opinionated, but know when to shut up
  • To use white space
  • To kern
  • To experiment
  • To research
  • To stick to your gut feeling- they’ll always be somebody who has something bad to say. If you’re happy, be happy.
  • Never think you’re perfect- there is always room for improvement
  • Never settle- always aim for higher
  • To explore- don’t just stick to what you know
  • Reflect and think how to improve
  • Make mistakes so you can learn from them
  • Try not to overthink things
  • Use technology, but don’t rely on it
  • There is nothing wrong with product design.  Design is design.  You should try as much as you can to better yourself and broaden your knowledge.
  • Do what makes you happy.

These came to the top of my head, and I strongly agree with all of them. That to me is what is important being a creative an designer.  I hope to use these within my manifesto.