Earth Artifact: Including Type

I now feel as though I can start thinking about Final pieces for my Earth Artifact project. I have been greatly inspired by semiotics and information graphics and want my final piece to represent something- a message. However, I want to do so in a more visually effective way.  This is why I experimented in the style of Dawn Gardner.

Rather than using text, I want my final pieces to communicate visually, like semiotics, however I feel as though minimal type could be quite effective.  Therefore I have decided, rather than using any old type, I will include my own which was created in our typography workshop. By doing this it makes my work personal and entirely unique. Below shows the development of my type to my final version.

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Once my type was complete I decided to see how it reads by putting it into different words. Firstly I chose a simple “Hello”, “Goodbye” and then I chose a reference which has been explored through my work from the outset “I’m Only Human”.

Type words

I'm Only Human

I understand my type isn’t the easiest type to read, you wouldn’t exactly write an essay with it.  However, I never intended to use it in such a way.  I wanted my type to be different and visually interesting.  Although it is very different, there is a flow and consistency about it which makes me proud of the end result.  I hope that it can be included within my finals.