Dawn Gardner Experiment

I am very impressed with the strong visuals Dawn Gardner creates, and in response I created by own experiment in an inspired style (shown below)

Dawn Gardner Experiment

To do this I included by Silhouette Illustrations- once tweaked so that they looked smooth and easier to use.

Illustrations simplified2

Also, I used my photography from the documented 24 hour life photo shoot. Rather than simply using a certain photo and putting it onto Photoshop, I noticed that Gardner enjoys using different materials.  Rather than just picking up random materials, scanning them in and creating some link with my work, I decided to use my work but in the format of another material.  Therefore I did a few Sallotape prints of my photography, scanned and photographed them, showing texture through my own photography.

Dawn Gardner Experimentation

Including Type

With some of Dawn Gardner’s work she also includes type, with my experiment completed I then wanted to see how it would look if I incorporate some type. However, rather than doing the digital norm, I decided to include my handwritten type from my “Seven” Experimentation and bring something a little different to the visual. The type included are answers to the question “what does it mean to be human?” from 38 different individuals.

Dawn Gardner experiment with type

It wasn’t simply grabbing work that I have already done and combining it. This experiment used something that I had taken from all of my previous work, for example the spatial awareness of my photography and working with my illustrations from my infographics. The experiment took longer than I thought.  This is because I simply had no idea how I wanted it to look, it was a case of trial and error. The main purpose was to create a visual that is different from my previous work and more visually attractive and impressive. I feel as though I have done this, as it looks easy on the eye and uses different aspects of my previous work to create a digitally mixed media visual. I now feel more comfortable to begin thinking about final pieces, and taking the next step with my project.