Assessment Brief: New Visual Language

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to remove.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Today we were set our new studio brief. For this final project, I am required to submit design proposals for a new graphic design publication entitled “New Visual Language”. The first issue should focus on Form follows function- an exploration of Modernism and Post Modernism.

As this is our final project, we are using it to our advantage- intending to include previous work from other assessment projects, e.g. Street Graphics, Cabinet of Curiosity and Earth Artifact. As well as work from our workshops and lectures, such as our Type transcription, and Manifesto. Although the manifesto is optional, I want to include it within as I feel it will be beneficial to not only sum up my work, but who I am as a designer.

As well as including our existing work, we need to research Modernism and Post Modernism, generating a body of work that explores the origins and philosophy of the movements. We should aim to convey the essential nature of the movement, and understand the social, industrial and political concerns which influence both movements.

Project Requirements

  • Body of original visual research based upon Modernism/Post Modernism
  • Evidence of thumbnail visual and design layouts
  • Evidence of grid, layout, type, and image selection and experimentation
  • Masthead
  • Broadsheet cover
  • Contents page
  • Inner page(s)

This project appears to be very different from our previous.  Rather than using a sketchbook, our work should be uploaded and to, where it can be viewed and graded in the presentation. This should include my name, along with the key words: Hudgraphic, Modernism and 2014. I intend to not use a sketchbook, and instead InDesign so I can upload straight to issuu, hoping to complete my “New Visual Language” magazine for the 5th-6th May deadline where it will then be presented in front of my tutors.

When given the brief I found it interested and exciting, however I know it will be challenging. I intend to create two types of magazines which will look like visual sketchbooks. The first will include my research into Modernism, Post Modernism, along with Artists, designers, etc that represent either movement.  I will also use include variation and development within my first virtual sketchbook, such as thumbnails, grid layouts and cover variation for my second magazine. Therefore the first will be treated more as a working helpful sketchbook showing the process of the project, whereas my second magazine will act as though the final piece- the slick, clean and professional magazine presenting my work, hoping to reflect on myself as a designer as well as how I have improved over the duration of this first year.

However, it is still early stages of the project, and my ideas may still change. I am a little unsure how to start, but I feel as though It would be beneficial to begin by researching Modernism and Post Modernism as see which I am not only influenced by, but how I can use them as an influence through this project. After that I will most likely, look at my previous work and try establish what work I would like to include. However, in order to this surely it requires actually finishing a project!