Format & Output Workshop

Yesterday I signed up and attended a formatting and output workshop at University. I found this workshop very interesting- it introduced ways of printing according to the publication being using as well as the intention in which you mean to use it. I realised that there are a ridiculous amount of printing methods and settings, therefore it is important you know what you are doing.  I have always been interested in printing methods and over my years at University, I hope to better my knowledge. Yesterday was a step forwards.

Types of printers introduced:

UV Printer:

  • Prints onto various materials, such as acrylic.
  • Can print white.
  • Has the ability to emboss.
  • Must be a PDF file sent to print.

Laser and Inkjet Printers:

  • Commonly used for businesses.
  • Better quality print- nothing spectacular

Digital Printer:

  • Quick and Easy
  • Not as good quality as above.

Sublimation Printer:

  • Standard in industry.
  • Mainly used for garments and textiles.
  • Uses Sublimation dye ink which when heated turns to gas to then transfer onto the material.
  • Able to print high quality photographs onto metal

In the workshop, we were set a task of creating 8 black and white visual PDF documents in which can be placed onto an InDesign document, with the intention to print out variations of booklets using a 2 colour process.

When choosing the print settings it was important to select the correct paper type, page setup and sizing, as these are the most common eras when printing a document. For the booklet, the essentials were to make sure the document was on a 2 saddle stitch, left bind and coming out of the right paper tray to make sure it was on the paper we had chosen.

At the end of the workshop I had 3 versions of booklets showing my illustrations. Although I didn’t think much to the booklets I made, it was more about the process- learning how to print in different ways, with different paper and in different settings, which is what made this workshop interesting and useful. I hope I will continue to broaden my knowledge with printing and experiment further.

Below shows my created booklet experiments.