Illustrations Variation

Recently my current progress with the Earth Artifact project was assessed. I found this rather helpful people it gave insight as to another individuals thought and perspective of my concept. Overall my tutor seemed very pleased with the project and wished to proceed with final pieces.

However, I was also given a little feedback in areas that could be worked into further.  Firstly, although the tutor loved my illustrations, it was said that “being picky” he thinks they would love better more simplified showing less details of the person and what they are wearing, so the gestures can be focused on.  Initially my response was surprised- I felt as thought they are good as they are. However, I decided to try this out for myself and see how it would look.  In some areas, I feel it has worked really well, and my changes are easier on the eye and are more general, rather than showing so much detail of the silhouette individuals. However, In some areas I thought it looked a little too “cartoon like” too simple- not enough detail. Below shows the original silhouette illustrations and how I changed them in order to simplify.

I decided that if I was to use these illustrations with final pieces, I would come to a compromise, because personally I feel as though the more detailed, the better they look, but for such a simplistic illustration, I can see how a more general basic appearance can be more versatile as well as effective.