“True” is formally known as David Riggins, an American artist/designer who works and lives in New York.  I came across True when researching Stefan Sagmeister. Sagmesiter spoke of material done by True in which had made him “happy”. Sagmeister’s talk mentioning “True” and his work can be found here.

True did a non-permissioned public installation in which he created his own versions of MTA’s Subway instructional stickers and him and his friends over night stuck them over all original information graphics.  He called this series “Life Instructions”. This is each offered snippets of philosophy that helped True in his life in hope that it may help somebody else, or simply bring a smile to their face. At first glance, you don’t think anything of the images- they blend.  However once you look closely you realise that it is different to the normal sticker you see on the Subway, its commercial, it’s interesting.

True moodboard

I find the concept very interesting, and the risk in which True and his friends took for this series of work is admiring. He even created fake “Volunteer” badges for his friends as he didn’t want them to get into trouble.  Although this is information graphics based, I am more interested in this project because it is something very different, True took something normal, day to day and uninteresting, and made it something personal in which can inspire others. Like Sagmeister, individuals would have felt happiness from True’s work, which links to the idea that it shouldn’t matter what you do in life as long as you are happy.