“Seven” Experimentation

What does it mean to be human?

I decided to take that question further creating a survey so that different individuals could answer that question from their own personal perspective. This decision was inspired from watching this video.

Below shows two graphs analysing the results from the survey in which 37 people (at this stage) had answered.

Survey graphs

I was inspired by the “Seven” deadly sins book and decided that I would write all 37 answers to the “what it means to be human” question within my sketchbook. This is shown below.

Seven Experiment

Using runny black ink, I wrote each answer along with the age and gender of that individual. I found doing this very interesting, and as I was writing the feedback down it was the first time I had read it myself.

Each answer I feels really reflects on that individual to the point where you get some understanding of what that person would be like. On some questions, without reading the gender, their answer surely suggests the gender of that individual. For example, one male thought being human was “eat, sex, lift and protein shakes” whereas from a female perspective; “to find true love and make your dreams come true”.  Obviously not all answers were like this, and you couldn’t always tell, but to some extent you get an idea of what that individual is like, and reading them together shows the versatility of individuals.

If you would like to answer the question yourself, click here

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