My Interpretation from the Survey Feedback

With my survey complete and having collected 37 responses, I analysed the results. This was much easier to do once I had wrote each answer down on paper. By doing this I managed to see a trend in the results.  I found the results very interesting because you get some feeling or understanding of the individuals that wrote the answers are like- without actually knowing who they are other than the age and gender. I picked up on certain similarities between peoples perception of “what it means to be human”.  The words “live life” kept appearing, whether written more direct, or similar.  “Live life”? This made me think, is there a certain way I should be living my life? Is a good life full on risks, adventure and danger?

I decided to document and capture 24 hours of a normal day in my life with my camera; this day was Sunday 16th February 2014.  Below show some of the photos.

The day consist of my parents picking me up, taking me out for lunch, going to the library and going home to relax. Nothing exciting happened in the day, nothing dangerous, risky; but to me, I had a good day, it was pleasant. I realised that it shouldn’t really matter what you do in life I guess, as long as you’re doing something that you love or makes you happy.