Dawn Gardner

Dawn Gardner specialises in print based Graphic Design and digital Illustration with a keen interest in typography and book making.  Since the beginning of the project I was inspired by Gardner’s work- I came across it whilst researching Information Graphics. Dawn Gardner moodboard

Although I have been very much inspired by semiotics and information graphics, I had never intended to create one for my final pieces.  I want my final pieces to be more visually effective, but inform, like information graphics- in a less obvious more representational way like semiotics.

Therefore I decided that I will experiment in the style of Dawn Gardner- creating nothing new, but using what I already have in a way that is more visually effective so that I will get a better understanding of how my final pieces can be.  I want to use what I have gained from exploring communication, semiotics and information graphics to create my final pieces in a different and way. Like the work of True, I want my work to stand out, however in a more obvious manner. The meanings behind my work, I don’t want to be obvious, try represent ideas through visuals like semiotics do. Therefore if type is used it will be only used minimally.

Dawn’s website can be found here