What does it mean to be Human?

Feeling satisfied with exploring different methods of communication, I wanted to focus more on humans, and the difficult question “What does it mean to be human?” From the early stages in the project I intended on exploring this question in order to see where it takes me. I wanted to focus less on the physical Earth, and more about the people on it0 which led me to researching global communication. As well as this question, I am interested in the phrase “I’m only human”- commonly used when making a mistake or excuse.  What is it that makes us “only human” and does that mean it is a bad thing? Or, is it how we stop and tell ourselves that we are not in fact perfect, we are vulnerable- but, that does not mean to say we are weak. The mood board below shows simple visual themes are what could represent answers to this question, such as: diversity, evolution and individualism.

These themes were based from the answers of individuals in America. Click here to watch the video

Human Mood Board