Information Graphics Experimentation

I decided that I would experiment with information graphics using my Neubau Berlin silhouette illustrations. Information graphics is something I have never done before until now, therefore it took me a while in the early stages of creating the design. This is because not only had I not done information graphics before, but I haven’t used Illustrator that much, apart from the pen tool; therefore getting a feel for the layout and structure was time consuming. Using my previous research, I decided that I will focus on body language and gestures and include all information I learnt when researching.

My first experiment in this style focuses on body language. I am quite pleased with the outcome of this experiment, not only do I feel it informs interesting and beneficial facts and statistics but it does so in a way that is visually effective.

Body Language Infographic

After my first experiment I continued with this style and decided to take it further creating an infographic on gestures- again using my own research. Although it looks similar to my first experiment, it is entirely different.

Gesture Infographic

I feel as though my information graphics experimentation has been rather successful. I now know that I am capable of creating this style of graphics. Although I think my information graphics are visually more effective and different to the “norm”, doing this experimentation made me realise that I don’t want my final pieces to be an information graphics design- but take what I have learnt from this. I want my final piece to be inspired by information graphics and semiotics by conveying a message, but doing so in a less obvious and more visually effective way.