Digital Typeface: In Progress

I had always intended on trying to take my refined typeface design and create a digital version using Illustrator. With the Earth Artifact coming towards assessment day, I decided that I would attempt this tonight.

Creating the digital type on Illustrator I found to be challenging, especially as first with the first letter because I had never used type on Illustrator before properly, let alone creating my own! Therefore it took some time to get to the stage where I am now, and by doing this I feel much more natural in Illustrator and my process began to speed up as I went on.  It especially helps how I can use parts of one letter for another, not only does it save time but keeps my typeface consistent.

Having focused recently on my type as well as my Earth Artifact, I think it would be interesting to combine the two, perhaps for final pieces. Below shows my type in progress.

Type so far screenshot