Body Language & Gestures Photo-shoot

With every project I try to always include photography so that it prevents the use of internet images and provides me with a vast and original collection which I can use freely.  Although I drew examples of body language, I wanted to explore it further.  Therefore using the book I got from the library to generate ideas, I got my friend to experiment with different types of body language whilst I captured it with my camera.  Although the changes in position are subtle, I feel you can see either a mood, feeling or action being portrayed, as if in response to something.  I feel each image you can relate to and think of a scenario in which that type of body language would be used.

I also thought it would be beneficial to explore further into different gestures that can convey communication. Again, I used the book from the library to generate ideas- however a lot of the ideas simply came from my head.  I found it fascinating how man different gestures there are! During the photo shoot, I realised that gestures are not just used individually but can be used as a way of interacting. For example, a hand shake. Not only did I find this photo shoot interesting, I also found it fun and I hope the photography will be used at a later stage of the project.